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My name is Eric Burgoyne and I would like to welcome you to . I will be happy to try and help you in anyway that I can.

Think you would look good in the picture above ? Well as you work at your Online  Business  you will be able to. At 12SC we give you the tools so you are able to  make money with your Online Business.

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If you would like to see the websites and blog that I run you can check out the links below

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To see what I am up to you can check out my blog at Making a living on the Internet


Our Famous Christmas site

    Home for Christmas


 Our Halloween  site

Home for Halloween


I also run a shopping Mall called The Mega Shopping Mall


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By  James H Phillips
Added on 01/11/2010

I was musing on how writing comes easy to people. Just look at all the written material around you. It must be easy or there wouldn’t be so much of the stuff around.

There are folks who do it for a living in many forms; they can put `writer` in the space on forms where it ask...

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Budgets for your Business
By  Eric Burgoyne
Added on 21/10/2010

Budgets for Your Business
Budgets are the forgotten business practice on the Internet but they are very important to use in running your business. And, remember regardless of whether you are promoting affiliate programs, MLM, selling a product or anything else, you are running a business and yo...

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12 Second Commuters Complete The Challenge
By  Terry Edward Ritschard
Added on 19/10/2010
With the completion of module 7 day 7, of The Challenge ,
The members within the 12 Second Commute Community bid a fond farewell to Mr. Ed Dale and his creative and hardworking team of The Challenge

Module's 6 and 7 of The Challenge dealt with the monetization of our ventures and our abili...

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12 Second Commuters "Flick the Switch" on Markert Leadership
By  Terry Edward Ritschard
Added on 28/09/2010
12 Second Commute completes Module 5 of the Challenge...

Module 5 Day 1 of The Challenge continued with the study and investigation of Market Leadership.

It was now time to go from passive, ( within a learning mode ), to active. The members of 12 Second Commute were now shown a wide variety o...

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So You Want to Start Marketing Online – What should you do first?
By  William Cato
Added on 27/09/2010
It was late one Saturday evening, I had just finished a super charged sales and marketing meeting with my personal down-line that we titled “How to get more sells- Direct Sales Tactics to becoming a Super Star Seller” It was during the break, before the Q&A session when one of my personal member...

Here at we will only show you programs that I use to make a living on the Internet.

I have been working online  since 1995  and seen many come and go. The businesses I will show you here have been proven over time.

No e-books that promise you the moon, no fast tract to make a million overnight. If you want that kind of trash.garbage and lies, you are at the wrong place.

If you want to make money on the Internet you will have to work at it, there are no free rides.

 The more time and effort and yes money you put into your Online business the better chance you have  of making a living on the Internet.


    The answer to the first question that I always get, is yes you can make money on the Internet.
        That said, it is not a walk in the park as some of the so-called gurus say. The more time and effort and yes money you spend on your Online Business the more you can make.
          One of the first things you are going to need is tools to help you work your Online Business! Such as a link tracker, auto responder, downline builder, program manager, capture page, url rotator, free training, and plenty more.

             12SecondCommute is an online tool and opportunity center unlike anything else on the Internet.

Whether you want to spend more quality time with your family and friends, help save the planet by getting out of the commuting mess or just take control of your future and your finances, 12SecondCommute will help you achieve your dreams.
Run by a gentleman named   Darryl Graham.  
       No matter what Business, program, or service you are going promote Online, you will need the tools you can find  at  12SecondCommute


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Make Money--Have Fun
Working online does not need to be the chore that many people make it out to being.

Our lives are short enough without have to get stressed out about working online.

There is a program that is free to join--you can stay free or upgrade for only $7/month and the best part is you can make money either way.

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     Legacy Hits

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       Website Traffic Hog

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      Gopher Hits  

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     Thumbvu Traffic Exchange 

     One of my new ones, so far very good traffic and some leads.


      Surf Skeleton

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                Some other programs That I make money with 


Been using this site for years, with great results.


I found this cool new program called Click Track
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Grow your profit 

Great marketing ideas, Marketing tip of the day, Halloween ideas, Christmas, e- books, home and garden and a ton more.


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